Mon's Cookery School course for beginners is an intensive, hands-on introduction to cooking. You will learn essential kitchen skills - such as stock-making and pastry-making and developing  your natural culinary instincts for ingredients and flavour combinations.

The Course is based on the principle that the best cooking is the result of understanding ingredients - which ones to buy, what to decide to cook with them and the best way to cook and serve them.
I provide you with the understanding of what makes the dish or meal taste good rather than just following recipes.
The private course consists of 5 lessons of 3.5- 4 hours, taught in your own home kitchen.

You will learn:
Understand the basis of good cookery

To purchase the best produce and to cook seasonally
To cook to a budget and to use leftovers efficiently
The fundamentals of healthy nutrition and food safety
What essential cooking equipment you need

Topics we cover:
Using a knife safely and effectively
Making delicious soups and stocks from scratch
Roasting meat, other meat cookery techniques, carving
Making pastry and tarts
Cooking risotto, rice and pasta
Easy and delicious desserts

All dishes we cook are family-friendly recipes.
Previous to the course I will  discuss these with you, identify dishes that will best fit you. We plan together the format for each session.

At the end of every cookery course you will get Mon's Cookery School Folder stuffed with recipes, hints and tips.

The basic cookery course can be scheduled on 5 consecutive days, over 5 weeks or however it works for you and can be booked at a time that suits you.

Class details and cost
All classes are taught in your own home kitchen.  It's convenient for you and almost any kitchen is suitable.
It is a great way to learn.

Duration: 5 classes of 3,5 - 4 hours

Requirement: no cookery experience needed

Cost for the full course:

4 people: £100 each
3 people: £125 each
2 people: £150 each
1 person: £200

For booking:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or 07935 338562.

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