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Being taught in your own kitchen, using the equipment you use every day is more effective than using unfamiliar tools in a teaching kitchen.
You learn skills and methods that are appropriate to your kitchen - and realistically reproducible, because Mon's Cookery School comes to your home, saving you doing any traveling and can be booked for whenever suits you, rather than the other way round.

The Course is based on the principle that the best cooking is the result of understanding ingredients - which ones to buy, what to decide to cook with them and the best way to cook and serve them.
I provide you with the understanding of what makes the dish or meal taste good rather than just following recipes.

Mon's Cookery School One to One cookery lesson is very much
tailored to the student, so I’ll put together
a list of recipe ideas for you to pick and choose from based
on your own specific requirements, including likes, dislikes and
any dietary requirements you may have.
Then, once you’ve chosen which dishes you’d like to learn to cook,
simply tell me how many people you’d like to cook for and
I will send you a shopping list for the ingredients to have available.

 During a 3 hour cooking lesson we’ll aim to cook three dishes of your choice
a three-course meal, or any three dishes that take your fancy!
Some people will use their lesson to learn quick and easy mid-week meals,
some may choose to learn more technically advanced, dinner party-style dishes,
and others will want to focus on one or two very specific areas of cookery -
bread  making, gluten-free cooking, making fresh pasta or working
with fish and seafood...the options are endless!

At the end of every cookery class you will get Mon's Cookery School Folder stuffed with recipes, hints and tips.


Class details and cost
All classes are taught in your own home kitchen.  It's convenient for you and almost any kitchen is suitable.
It is a great way to learn.

Duration:  3 - 4 hours

Requirement: no cookery experience needed

Cost for the full class:

1 person: £120

ONE TO ONE can be booked at a time that suits you.

For booking: please CONTACT ME:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07935 338562.


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